What is SLARA?

UFAB is an acronym which stands for: Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association. We are a membership-based 501(c)6 nonprofit that provides services to our active association of restaurateurs.

What does SLARA do?

SLARA is a membership-based organization that represents its associations’ interests. SLARA provides information, legislative, marketing, and networking resources to its members so that they may find success in the local marketplace and their obligations to regulations. SLARA also employs lobbyists to master the legislative environment and propose changes in their favor.

Why is SLARA necessary for any bar/restaurant in the Salt Lake Area?

The legislative environment in Utah has become complicated and difficult, especially with regards to alcohol sales. The government is aggressive and proactive in seeking mismanaged business practices. There are so many rules that it’s difficult to maintain complete compliance every single day of business. If restaurateurs overlook details or fail to pass essential information to their management and staff, an undercover government agent will eventually sniff out the penalizable detail and assert a fine(s) onto the business.

Local businesses are also very busy maintaining their storefront and appeasing the customers each day. Building a community can easily fall to the wayside. The energy involved in gathering restaurateurs together for marketing, networking, and trade collaboration is not meant for individual restaurateurs to do themselves. They need inbound opportunities – like educational workshops, legislative alerts, media coverage, and event invitations – to come their way on autopilot.

SLARA fills and simplifies these gaps in exchange for a reasonably priced membership fee. We are community leaders focused on increasing the sales and success of our restaurateurs association by providing resources and opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t achieve on their own. SLARA is established with a proven track record. We have a large membership consisting of very reputable members.

What is the difference between a membership and sponsorship?

Memberships are for restaurateurs.

Sponsorships are for companies who do business with restaurateurs.

What is the cost of joining?

Members pay once yearly subscriptions. The cost depends upon the number of bars and restaurants in operation. There is a yearly base fee of $250. Each additional location in operation will cost the member an additional $100.

Sponsors also pay once yearly subscriptions. There are 3 tiers of sponsorships: Bronze, Gold and Platinum. Each subscription is priced differently and subject to change. For more information and accurate pricing, click here.

What does the onboarding process look like?

New members are contacted by our Executive Director via email and phone. An in-person onboarding meeting is scheduled which involves the restaurateur, any essential restaurant managers, and SLARA’s Executive Director. That onboarding meeting will cover legislative requirements related to your business operations, SLARA’s legislative services, upcoming events, marketing opportunities, sponsorship discounts/incentives, and contact information for further communication with (1) all SLARA representatives, and (2) association members.

What if I don’t select the correct number of bars/restaurants I operate?

Mistakes will be caught by our onboarding representative during the initial screening process and will correct the mistake during the onboarding meeting.

Who founded SLARA?

Founding members include:


What if I have more questions?

Call us at 385.419.1030 

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